51 Geometric Nail Art Designs You Need to Try In 2019


Anyone who’s seen how geometric nails look will get it. They’re chic, they’re interesting, and best of all, they can be as complicated or simple as you’d like. The only problem, which is not really a problem? The options are endless.

Almost everyone is a fan of geometric nails. The same angles and shapes that used to torture us in geometry class are now making our nails look absolutely gorgeous.

Geometric nails allow for people to mix and match a variety of colors and patterns so that our nails are always looking fresh. There are almost infinite combinations and possibilities!

While geometric manicures may look complicated, they’re actually way easier than one would imagine — no need for nimble, steady hands here. A few well-placed dots and lines can make a huge difference, and regular clear or painter’s tape can seriously come in handy when painting straight, uniform lines. There are also striper brushes available at most art stores that can help you draw skinny or small designs that a normal nail polish brush can’t achieve.

Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite ideas from the nail world’s top artists.

Choose one, try it.

Geometric Nail Art Designs You Need to Try In 2019