57 Best Grey Nail Ideas You Will Love


If you’re too bored with nude nails but too shy to wear bold colors, then these grey nails will totally inspire you!

The gray color is our favorite. If your complexion is somewhere between dark and bright, you can try this neutral shade.

Grey is definitely one of the best colors for your nails. It looks good whether it’s matte or glossy. It comes in different shades, too. You can go as light or as dark as you like.

You can also play with it. Try adding depth, geometric shapes or mix and match it with other colors. You can even add a bling and glitters to it!

Grey manicure is easy to get creative with, as you can match other colors with it and even use it for a twist on French manicure. Grey manicure even goes perfectly with every nail shape and size. So, let you scroll down and get inspired by 50 pictures of grey manicure.

Best Grey Nail Ideas You Will Love