59 White Nail Art Ideas Worth Stealing


White may seem lifeless and boring and no fun. But when it comes to nails, white spells out classic and elegance. It looks pure and if you want to complete a radiant and vibrant look, white goes well with a lot of things.

Maybe it’s because the color is clean and simple, or that it looks good on literally every skin tone, in any design, on any nail shape or length.

And nowadays, people are more creative. Nail arts are the rage. So even if the base nail color is white, there are so many things that can be done to make it look and appear more sassy, more classy and more stylish.

You can choose any design that you want depending on your mood or your personality. You can even change the way it looks depending on where you are going or what you’re celebrating.

Here are 59 crisp manicures that’ll give you all the inspo you need to rock a look that’s totally your own.

White Nail Art Ideas Worth Stealing